*whines* I’ve got nothing to read!

Do you enjoy being thuroughly depressed by books?  Dream of leaving your parents behind to go to boarding school?   Books about vampires?  Perhaps sports are more your game.  No matter what you like to read, this website, randomreads.net, is the place to find great reviews and reading suggestions! 


The descriptions of the books sometimes are a bit of a spoiler…They don’t give explicit plot details but they do sometimes take the suprise out of the novels’ endings.  Just a warning. 

*end disclaimer/announcment/comment*

Your local El Reno Carnegie Library has quite a few of these books already.  We use this website to help decide what new stuff to order…if you see something you REALLY want to read, for heaven’s sake contact us and let us know! 


One Response

  1. When I saw the name of this, I thought it looked Spanish in the most mysterious sense of the word. Then I actually read the name. Pop.

    The mystery bubble burst.

    I like the hyperlink fun; it really makes me want to click. On that note…

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