Some Rights Reserved.

Ever post your poetry on Xanga?  Pictures you took on Flickr?  How about your band’s song on MySpace Music?  Did you know there is a way to protect your creative genius and still share your ideas with all? 

A quick copyright lesson:  Anything you create is automatically copyrighted.  You and you alone own the copyright to that poem you wrote about your mom in the 3rd grade and that awful picture you took of your sister snoring away on a car trip.  If you want, you can register your work with the U.S. copyright office for $45.  Basically, if you ever want to sue someone for copyright infringement, you have to have registered. 

But what if you want other people to use that pic of your sister snoring?  What if you really wanta fellow musician to sample your music?  What if you wish to share your amazing vacation photos with aspiring artists, but you don’t want to see them show up on a calender in Wal-Mart someday…is that possible? 

 Sure!  You can protect your work with a Creative Commons license.  Creative Commons is a non-profit organization that allows anyone to create licences ranging anywhere from “no rights reserved” (basically, you dedicate your work to the public domain…that means it’s free for the taking) to “some rights reserved.” 


Check out these comic strips about Creative Commons.  Comic 1 and Comic 2 They explain the whole thing pretty darn well. 

 Creative Commons licences let you control how your online (and offline) writing, photos, music, etc. are used!  It’s a powerful tool! 


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  1. Great post with wonderful suggestions. It’s never too early to learn about Copyright!

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