Jane Austen.  The name either brings a smile or a grimace.  Either way, she’s all over the internet. 

You can check out her house at Chawton.  You’ll find tidbits (like Anne Hathaway is set to play a young Jane Austen in an upcoming BBC film) in the Jane Austen Magazine.  The Republic of Pemberly hosts tons of message boards and also has a neat “shoppe” full of gifts sure to extract squeals of glee from avid Austen fans. 

 All of these Jane Austen sites are fun for fans but also are darn handy when it’s report time.  This website hosted by Nagoya University has a “hyper-concordance” for all of the Austen novels – in plain english, you can use the site to search for specific words or phrases in the novels. 

If you’ve waited until the night before you Austen homework is due, and you read the book so long ago that you’ve forgotten important bits of the text, fear not! has you covered; the site offers summeries of each book, chapter-by-chapter. 

Austen’s books continue to be read (and turned into fabulous movies – and a few uniquely interpreted ones too) though they were published in the early 1800s.  Pretty impressive legacy for a woman of her time – or any time. 


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