Think a swap meet is dorky?

Think again.  Bet you didn’t know you could swap this stuff on the internet:

 1.  Gift Cards.  Did someone give you a giftcard to the Gap when, in fact, you prefer to shop at Hot Topic?  Try out ($4 to post – then you swap for cash or for another card.)  Also, check out (list the card for free – each person pays $2 if the swap happens.)  Last but not least, is a free, auction style listing.   

 2.  CDs  Make a list of what you have.  Make a list of what you want. allows you to swap with other music lovers “Netflix-style” (cds ship in envelopes, no cases) for $1.49.  $.49 is for shipping, $1 is a users fee.  (p.s. 20% of your fee goes to the artist you’re trading!)

3.  DVDs  Instead of a direct swap, assigns “peerbux” to each dvd.  Ship out dvds, earn ‘bux, and use them to buy dvds you want from the site!

4.  Books and are both free book swap options – you just pay postage (less than $2 per lb.)

5.  Anything!  $1.00 per swap.  Yes, anything.  Guitars, jewelry, comic books, electronics, etc. 

 (p.s.  I found all of this in the magazine Popular Science – just one of the many magazines we subscribe to at the El Reno Carnegie Library!)


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