“Acoustical liberation of books in the public domain”

“Acoustical liberation”?  Wha?  Sounds fishy, but it might come in handy when you can’t get ahold of a copy of Huck Finn three days before your entire class is supposed to have read it. 

 LibriVox.org is a site that offers FREE & LEGAL recordings of classic novels, poems, short stories, etc.  The works are all in the public domain (this means they have been around for a while – it’s going to be mostly classics.)  Volunteers record the stories, then they are available for you to download to your computer (they also have a podcast option.) 

This site has a bit of everything.  There are lots of complete novels by authors like Jane Austen, Jack London, and Mark Twain.  There are also short stories, poems, children’s literature, and even complete works in other languages (German, Hebrew, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Japanese, oh my!)   

There’s a small non-fiction selection too.  Wanna listen to the Sermon on the Mount from the King James bible?  LibriVox has it.  There’s a performance of Abe Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, the Magna Carta, and the U.S. Declaration of Independence. 

 *edit* I downloaded a poem, “My Last Duchess” by Robert Browning and it was clear and complete.  Have not tried to download a longer work. *end edit*



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