Our first meeting of the “group of teens who advise the library on all important matters” went really well!  Someone suggested we be named the Yahoos, but no one could figure out what all of the letters could stand for.

So!  The top 5 ideas discussed:

1.  The library website is boring.  Needs some spicing up. 
2.  We need to publicize events on the local cable channel.
3.  We’re going to have EHS lunchtime hangout every Thurs. from 12:00-12:30.
4.  We need some graphic novels.  Maybe some manga.  ASAP.
5.  We need a rug for the teen area!

 They sure look like yahoos to me!

We’re going to meet again Feb. 8 and we’re going to have pizza!  :) 


One Response

  1. I’m thrilled to find this El Reno blog! It’s a great read in itself, and has pointed to some resources that I’ll be checking out.

    The teens are right about the library web site, though. I live in El Reno and I design and administrate multi-user websites built with open-source software. I can help you out — willing to work with staff (and the teen group, of course) on concept and implementation.

    I’d be happy to provide my services as a volunteer, but would appreciate a small credit on the site with a link. Contact me via email if you’re interested in discussing further.

    Good luck with this blog; I look forward to reading it.

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