Guess what I’m reading…

Wanna keep track of what you’ve been reading?  Like to keep tabs on your friends reading habits too?  Check out these sites:  – create a profile, then list all of the books you’ve read, want to read, or are currently reading!  Also, you can type in reviews and rate the books.  – connects you with other readers who are reading what you’re reading!  Literary matchmaking! (this site also has the Book Suggester (find books that are like one’s you’ve already read) and the Unsuggester (find books that are the TOTAL opposite of what you’ve read!)  – a site designed to help people swap books.  Of course, you can ALWAYS donate your old books to the library instead of swapping them…

*full disclosure*  I, Kate, am a member of both goodreads and librarything.  I’ve only just started putting books on though.  *end disclosure* 


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  1. Hi,

    I was just checking out WhatsOnMyBookshlelf’s site logs and noticed your post about us. Thanks for the mention and I’m glad you enjoy our site!

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