*apologizes profusely*

This blog has languished – lonely and unvisited – for far to long!  Valiant attempts to update more regularly are, of course, on the way.

“What’s going on at the library?” one might ask.  Here’s a quick rundown:

 1.  Mother-Daughter book club meets tonight and then breaks for the summer.  The book:  An Abundance of Katherines by John Green.  The Time:  7 pm.  The Place:  The library. 

2.  Star Wars Anniversary Party!  May 26, 11am -12pm @ the library.  Come dressed as your favorite Star Wars character!  Win prizes!  Crafts and snacks for kids!  Trivia and general Star Wars admiration for adults.  !!!

3.  TAB meeting.  Thurs, May 31.  5:30-6:30 A Big Decision will be made: break for the summer or keep meeting?  It’s highly likely that there will be pizza at this meeting. 

4.  School visits concerning Summer Reading ’07:  Roadtrip!  Watch for a slightly nervous, mostly silly librarian to come speak at your elementary or middle school. 


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