Comics packet for the BCWWDRB!

The Book Club Where We Don’t Read Books presents:  Comics!
Thursday, June 5 from 3-4 @ the library.  We’ll look at comic books, comic strips, web comics, graphic novels (don’t worry – this is the BCWWDRB so we won’t be reading a whole graphic novel.)

We’ll bust out the paper and pencils and draw our own comic strips too!  Comic collector?  Bring one or two to show off to the group!

Check out some of these links before you come to book club – or pick up a smaller print packet at the library. 

Free online comic books

Check out a sorta-comic, Teen Girl Squad!

and these comic strips from comic1  comic2  comic3

Webcomics – a Wikipedia Definition: 

“Webcomics, online comics, or internet comics are comics published on a website, often exclusively, providing easy access to an audience, though some are published in books and newspapers but maintain a web archive.

Webcomics are like self-published print comics in that almost anyone can author their own webcomic and publish it. Over 18,000 webcomics now exist online,[1][2] from traditional cartoon strips to graphic novels, covering many genres and subjects.[2]

*edit!*  Here are some more comics featuring reviews by Michael, a guy who reads dozens of webcomics!  Thanks M!

Thinkin’ Lincoln is a comic containing the heads of Lincoln, Washington, Elizabeth II, Young Martha Washington and countless other historical figures. None of them actually bear any resemblance to themselves in personality at all.

Evil Inc. is a corporation that makes gadgets and provides insurance for supervillains. The company practically goes bankrupt through a series of complications, such as hiring the city’s greatest super-hero as CEO.

*end edit*

Read the story of Girl Genius at Wikipedia then check out the first Girl Genius comic and the most current GG comic.

Printable comic strip panels and simple blank panels

Here’s an online Comic Creator!  Create one and bring it in!

Check out some wacky ads from vintage comic books.


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