Manga stuff for the BCWWDRB

Manga madness @ your library! 

*edit*  Here’s some background for what we’ll be talking about at our next Book Club Where We Don’t Read Books!  Meeting:  @ the library from 3-4 pm, June 12.  *end edit*

Check out this article from Wired magazine – the info is interesting but the ability to “turn the pages” is particularly fun!  Also, check out “Manga 101” from Wired. 

Need a refresher on your manga terminology?

Did you know that there are manga test prep books?  It’s a whole new way to study for the ACT!  Scroll down a bit to check it out.

You can read bits from Shojo Beat and Shonen Jump magazines online.  Our library subscribes to Shonen Jump – if you wish we had Shojo Beat, leave a comment and tell us so! 

Are you a manga/anime fanatic?  Bring your drawings or your favorite manga to share at the June 12 meeting. 


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